One minute video


Alba and Marcus


Just a few first frames from this very beautiful wedding! When Alba called me, I realized that this would be the first time that I would have to work only in Spanish and it was a bit scary, but after talking with the guys, I understood that everything would be cool! And so it happened, the wedding was just unreal: a such a beautiful place, Alba and Marcus are stunning bride and groom, and even the weather that promised rains on this day was excellent. 









Stephanie & Chisanga









Paola y Lucas (Movie)









Carla & Fred




Isa & Angel


This is a wedding we worked like videographers of
Photographer : Dimitri Voronov


Danilo and Judith


What could be more fun than an Italian wedding filled with children's laughter. Jutit and Danilo are an amazing couple who have two gorgeous kids. In our film, we tried to show their relationship in the family, and a child's view of the wedding!

Let's play hide and seek! One, two, three...


Tara and Jonathan


Another unusual wedding that we enjoyed incredibly. Tara is from a Jewish family, Jonathan is from a French family, and the wedding took place in Spain. Guests came from all over the world. It was interesting to film the traditions of different countries, especially in such a beautiful castle.




Wedding in forest



What could be better than a wedding in the forest. Far from civilization, from cars and loud noises. As the priest said, nature is better than any church for such a solemn day. And how many emotions were there, the groom was crying, the children were crying, the mother was crying. Yes, we ourselves alomost was crying...  Incredibly beautiful wedding, in an incredibly beautiful place!

This is a wedding we worked like videographers of
Photographer : Dimitri Voronov


Fibi and Joe


This is a wedding we worked with
Photographer : Vera Fleisner


Gisela y Marc


This is a wedding we worked with
Photographer : Vera Fleisner



Matt and Adalain



Do you like Gaudi? Matt and Adalain like him very much! So much so that they even decided to make their wedding in Batllo’s house, which was built by the famous architect, and then they even got a tattoo with a symbol of house. We spent two days with them and these days were filled with laughter and fun. The guys flew to Barcelona to swear oaths to each other, and to make weddings in the United States, so we walked with them around Barcelona and caught the moments. And watch what wу caught


Flor y Sonia


This is a wedding we worked with
Photographer : Vera Fleisner









Vaco and Mary



Georgia! A lot of us have in common with this country! We love mountains and have been to the mountains of Georgia more than once. Moreover, Julia (my girlfriend) was born in Georgia. We already shot a pre-wedding video there and now the guys from our hometown in Russia were invited to the wedding. They wanted an unusual video, so watch what we got.




European Showreel

Last year we filmed a lot in Europe. We shot different weddings, big ones, with many guests, and small ones - just for two people. Shooting in Europe has become a breath of fresh air: new places, new people, incredible nature. We are very fond of this ease in relation to the wedding, these natural emotions in people. In this video, we made selection of frames from different weddings in Europe.


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Anastasia and Jorge


Russia and Spain ... What unites these two countries? We knew Anastasia and Jorje for a long time, traveled together with them sometimes, and now Nastya told us that Jorge had proposed to her. We were incredibly happy for the guys, of course agreed to shoot a wedding for them. And wedding combined Russian hospitality and Spanish passion. The most intimate moment of course was the Catholic cheremony in church, and after it began the classic Spanish wedding with pica-pica and dinner. Nevertheless, Jorge learned his speech in Russian, to address the guests.

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I love you Paris


When Alexander and Christina called me and asked if I would go to shoot them in Paris, they received the answer before they had finished the question. I have long dreamed of making a video in this most romantic city in the world and of course the first time to go there alone would not be right, so immediately after our conversation with the guys I called Yulia and soon we had tickets to France, so romantics for these ten days we had enough :)

Paris is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and we really wanted to show it in the video, not forget of course the theme of love :) How we did it, you can see in video!

On the shore of a Black Lake!

You have been to Montenegro! It is a very small country, on the territory of so much beauty. Now you walk the sandy golden beaches, but take the car and in a couple of hours you will already be in the mountains, near the beautiful Black Lake. Montenegro reminded us of our beloved Spain, only the prices are cheaper and the language is so much like Russian. Stella and Cyril decided to hold their wedding among this beauty. We arrived earlier, looking for a place for the ceremony, locations for filming and as a result, we were able to shoot so much beauty. See what came of it.


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The wedding which included everything!

If you live in Europe and have never been to Russian weddings, then let me introduce you to the Russian wedding. Such a large wedding in our memory was not yet. The guys began to prepare it for almost a year, and it was not only the decor or the choice of dress. Each guest played his part, everyone was involved in the wedding. Was involved about 150 specialsits. We laughed heartily when grandmother and grandfather put on a dance and sang  teenagers songs. We watched in horror as Katya climbed right up to the ceiling on the canvases, making a surprise for Sasha, and we breathed out only when she flew down in a whirlwind. We were amazed at the most incredible dance with dad, when Katya floated through a dark hall in a mirror month through clouds of smoke. If you have never been to a Russian wedding, then watch this video

Wedding at Lake Como

Lake Como! An amazing place from which we met with Italy. We knew Vladimir and Natalia for a long time, because we had to shoot their wedding in Russia, but first we had to shoot a film for them on the shore of the famous Italian lake. And then go to Venice for a couple of hours before the plane, have time to run through the streets of the city on the water


There are weddings that leave a deep mark on the heart. There are weddings, after which you find true friends who are close to you in your values ​​and understanding of this life. For me, such was the wedding of Denis and Lena. I can’t tell you all the good things that were on that wedding, that atmosphere of love and friendship that was everywhere, the ceremony at which we saw a marvelous perfomance, in which there were no actors, many sincere, real words and thoughts. This is an example of the wedding and the relationship between people to strive for. When I watched the movie that Dasha made, goosebumps ran over the skin. Thank you friends for giving these feelings.



Wedding in Rome

And what do you know about Rome? We asked this question when Sergу and Alfia said that they want to play their wedding in the capital of Italy. Arriving in Rome, we began to get acquainted with the great culture, with Italian cuisine, emotional language .... And all this became the basis of our video. If you haven't been to Rome, let me introduce it to you!

This is a wedding, which I would like for myself!

It's our destiny that even weddings of our closest friends, we have to shoot! So it happened at the wedding of Marina and Sasha, but nevertheless I was happy with the opportunity not only to have a good time with the guys, but also to make an excellent video, because it the wedding was so cozy!  Probably the wedding that I would like for myself (immediately answering the most popular question of our newlyweds). Good day in nature, closest friends, without clear timing, presenter, artists or any other official things. Just the best day with the closest people! In Russia, such weddings still a bit, but let's see what will happen in the future, but for now the wedding of my close friends to your attention! Enjoy watching!


Love broke through the defense!

I did not have time to return to Russia, as we began to prepare one of the biggest weddings of this season. Artem Borodkin is the famous hockey player of our hockey team Tractor. Last summer we took off, as he made an offer to his beloved Olya, and now, after almost a year of preparation, a wedding! Yes, what a wedding! A little lion at morning, a helicopter at the cheremony, thousands of crystals around and much more. . Almost always at such events we sign a confidentiality agreement, but this time we can show it to you!


Wedding in the Urals!

We shot many beautiful weddings, from Italy and Spain, India and Georgia. Countries known for their mountains to the whole world, but have you ever been to the Urals. In this wonderful and calm land and quiet rivers, large meadows and fields. With small, but so native and cozy mountains. With quietly grazing herds of horses and the ringing rustling of grass in the morning. Let me introduce you to our native Ural, where we shot a small, but not very typical wedding of our friends.

Natalia and Daniel

Many of my friends in Spain said that Spanish weddings are not at all interesting. That they miss Russian scope and fun, which is often present at the Russian wedding. As I wrote a couple of months ago, we shot a real Spanish wedding, and we liked it wildly. This is an amazing atmosphere ceremony in the Catholic Church, a very tasty pica-pica (buffet) with guests and of course my favorite waving napkins over your head. And what only are dancing at the banquet, because the Spaniards are able to dance from birth :)) All this things we tried to show in our video, which was made for Daniel and Natalia. And of course, Barcelona has already become our second home!


Edge of flowers and mountains

When Marika came to our office and said that she wanted to make a love story for a wedding in Georgia, my happiness knew no bounds. I, like many of my peers, did not know much about this country, but as soon as I began to collect information for shooting, I realized that one of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth was waiting for me.

But really, I realized what a wonderful country is very close to us, precisely on the day when I landed at the Tbilisi airport. You rarely find such kindness and hospitality in which country, and what kind of courtyards and small streets there are ... You can talk for a long time about Georgia, in which you definitely need to visit everyone, but for now, the video of Marika and Sasha, which we showed this weekend their Georgian wedding.


You want to go to a European country, with beautiful Mediterranean architecture, beautiful nature, but that the prices were inexpensive, and the visa did not have to do? Let me introduce you to Montenegro! It was there that we headed at the end of last summer in order to shoot the wedding of our good friends, Olya and Dima, there. It was difficult to call it work, we rode together in the mountains and beaches of Montenegro, had breakfast together, had fun and just had a good time, but at the same time revealed their story, so touching and beautiful, and at the end of their day, the guys said the most important words in their life! Still not sure whether to go to Montenegro? Watch the following video, beautiful shots from the air are attached!