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Name of the project: Mamut Hiking

The purpose: Make a video showing the main positive aspects of hiking with mamut hiking: the opportunity to find friends, learn new sports, visit the most beautiful natural places in Catalonia, good emotions and joy after each trip, the ability to do something together, in a team.

Description: To shoot such a video is a great pleasure, because all the shooting takes place in nature, in the most stunning places of Catalonia. The idea was, through Julia (the organizer of the campaigns), to uncover the question of why we go to the mountains. And answering it, show all the positive aspects of the campaigns. Aerial photography was of great importance to show the scale and beauty of the places. Each frame has its own unique sound, whether it is the sound of wind in the mountains, the crash of a waterfall or the singing of birds in the forest. This allows you to immerse the viewer as much as possible in the places that he sees in the video. The video had to be made as saturated as possible for places, people and events, so that every frame wanted to be stopped and examined in more detail.

Name of the project:  Sunbear retreat

The purpose: Create a video demonstrating all the benefits of retreat in the Pyrenees.

Description: Sunbear Retreat is a complex of diverse activities in the Pyrenees, including fitness, yoga, hiking, good food and relaxation in a unique home in the Pyrenees. Our task was to shoot a video telling about all the features of a retreat. Aerial photography was of great importance to show beautiful Pyrenees landscapes and a unique location. Since the video is designed for a foreign market, an English-language announcer was chosen for the off-screen text. The video is actively used to promote retreat on Facebook and Instagram (


Name of the project: Real Estate video

The purpose: An example of a video on how to make real estate ads with a “human face”.

During the coronovirus crisis, we ourselves needed to rent a room for a while, since it was necessary to pay a mortgage, and surveys and trips due to quarantine had to be canceled or rescheduled. To quickly find a tenant, we decided to make a video that worked for sure. The idea was to write out all the advantages of this housing and talk about them in a fun and warm way. Give the viewer a desire to watch the video to the end and leave some kind of reaction.


After starting the video on free groups (about five groups), in the first few hours alone, people left about 200 comments and almost 1000 likes, which is rarely seen in commercials dedicated to real estate advertising. The next day, more than 5 people were ready to come and sign a rental contract, which means that the format fully paid off.

Name of the project: WeAre – app for drivers

The purpose: Make a video showing the use of the WeAre application in real life.

Oneirolabs specializes in creating smartphone apps. She developed a social network for motorists, which allows you to register for the car owner by the number of your car and use the social network to interact with other traffic participants. We were given the task to shoot a series of videos that will show how users use it in real life.

Since the application is designed for an English-speaking audience, but it was necessary to shoot in Russia, Sochi was chosen as the location, as an example of infrastructure similar to Europe. For the videos, actors and suitable cars were selected. It was decided to shoot on a RED movie camera, shots from the air were shot on the Mavic Pro. The shooting took place over three days, during which two videos were shot. In total, 14 actors and one dog were filmed in the video. J To show the capabilities of the application, graphics were added to the video. Currently, videos are actively promoted on Facebook and Instagram, before the application goes on sale.

Name of the project: BIGFUN MUSEO (Promo)

The purpose: Make a series of commercials for the BIGFUN group of entertainment museums in Barcelona for further placement on the city’s advertising platforms.


Description: Right in the center of Barcelona, ​​on the Rambla, there is a huge complex of museums for children dedicated to various topics (a museum of sweets, an inverted house, a museum of illusions). It was necessary to make a small video for each museum, which will then be used in social networks and advertising platforms to attract new guests.


For each museum, we wrote our own script, organized casting of the actors so that the characters of the videos corresponded to the main target audience of each particular museum. Today, these videos can be seen both in the museum itself, as in different places in Barcelona, ​​for example, tourist buses.

Name of the project:    Professional electrician

The purpose:  Making a promo video for an electrician in Barcelona



Have you ever seen an electrician's promo video?

Our good friend, Vladimir, is probably the only electrician in the world who has his own promo video. It's just that usually electricians don't shoot videos for themselves, but Vladimir is our great friend and made for us an electricity in our apartment, and we couldn't help but shoot a video for him. What came of this - see in the video.

Name of the project:    Women's Summit

The purpose:  Filming of the women's summit. Lectures and promotions.


This time we flew from Barcelona to Moscow. We met Olga back in Spain, when she was looking for a videographer to shoot her master class on starting an online business. She really liked the result, so she invited our entire team to Moscow for the festival, where more than 200 women came from all over the world. There were a lot of tasks: to shoot all the lectures in full, to record the responses of the participants and to make a report video of the event, which we decided to show here.


Name of the project:    Private dentist

The purpose:  Creating a video presentation for a practicing dentist.


Alexander Khaldin is a well-known dentist in his city, whose main advantage is an individual approach to each patient. The main specialization is digital smile design. The video was faced with the task of showing the process of the doctor’s work with the patient and demonstrating the smile changes before and after. Also tell about the life of Alexander, who led him to what he is doing today.


For filming in the office, several kino flo lights were used, for a soft white light corresponding to the medical office, an operator crane was used for shots from above. The video is used on the site of the dentist and in the social. Networks.

Name of the project:    Museo del Mamut.

The purpose:  Creating a video about the work of the Mammoth Museum in Barcelona.


Description:   Mammoth Museum in Barcelona, a unique museum dedicated to the ice age, located in the heart of the Catalan capital. It was created by the Russian explorer of the north, Sergey Slesarev and his daughter, the famous mountain guide in Catalonia and the organizer, Julia Slesareva. In connection with the closure of the museum, it was decided to shoot a video telling about the everyday life of the museum, working with children, to show the numerous exhibits and events that took place within the museum.


Name of the project:    Ksenia Parkhatskaya Dance School


The purpose:  Tell in the video how the online school works.


Description:   Ksenia Parkhatskaya, known around the world, a dancer in the style of Jazz, choreographer, singer and teacher. Ksenia travels around the world with her dance programs and has won many awards. On her website, Ksenia has created unique jazz-style dance training programs. We have created a video that tells about each individual course, and also how to use the site correctly, how to ask questions, etc.


The entire video is based on Ksenia’s appeal to the audience, shot from two cameras. To create the right atmosphere and lighting, several LED panels were used. The video can be seen with Ksenia on the site and in social networks.

Name of the project:   Маевка

The purpose:   Create a documentary about the largest tourist event in the South Urals


The largest tourist and sports festival is held annually on Lake Turgoyak, gathering several hundred tourists from all over Russia. A giant tent city is being set up on the shore of the lake, a stage is being erected, camp baths and kitchens are being built.

Since we ourselves are tourists and the organizers of the event are our good friends, it was a great pleasure for us to take up the creation of this film. We all settled in the camp and spent three days filming the camp life. To reveal the plot, three heroes were chosen, the creator of May Day, one of the team coordinators and a newcomer through whom the story was revealed. There were also a lot of aerial shots, time lapses, interviews and other elements of the documentary

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