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For many years of working with people, I realized one important thing! To get a good result, it is important not only to find a professional, but also to understand that it will be easy and comfortable to work with him. So let me tell you a little about yourself so that you understand if I right person for your future video. 


My name is Sergey Korolev, I was born and raised in the Urals - these are mountains in Russia stretching between Europe and Asia. Since childhood, began to get involved in videomaking. We shot our short films and participated in film festivals, and from the age of eighteen I started working as a videographer. We created our own small team and made hundreds of wedding and commercial films.

In 2014, I first time came to Europe and met a girl whom I loved with all my heart. This started my regular trips to Barcelona, ​​and from 2018 I stayed in this city. In Barcelona, ​​I continued to make films, and a little later we founded a tourist club to open the incredible nature of Catalonia to people. Shooting for me was and remains the most important and favorite thing in life and if I take on a project, I do it with soul and passion, otherwise, why do something else in this life ...

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And most importantly, it's time to see how we shoot the video. In this small video you will see a lot of shots that we shot over the past year 



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